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"That's OK, we'll share it," said Paul. "Finger me Paul," Ricky moaned as Jerry resumed sucking. Paul wet his index finger and slid it fully into Ricky's ass. He fingerfucked his friend while his brother finished him off. "I'm gonna cum, Paul, gonna cum," Ricky hissed through gritted teeth. His hips bucked and came up off the edge of the couch. Jerry's lips came off of Ricky's prick with a soft popping, slurping sound, and Paul quickly took over. Just as his lips and tongue touched Ricky's shaft, Ricky came. This time there weren't long, fine, stringy jets, but rather soft, liquidy globs of warm semen. Paul happily drank the first few swallows and then allowed Jerry to have the rest. Jerry watched the young cock spurt pools of boycum, then timidly dipped his tongue into the mess. After a few tastes, he licked up the entire puddle and smiled. "OK, Ricky, get up on the couch on your hands and knees," Paul said, crawling up behind his friend. Ricky obeyed, reaching back and opening his buttocks for the delight to come. "This is fucking," said Paul to Jerry by way of explanation, "and we do it a lot, and we'll do it with you too if you want. Come up here." Jerry stood up so he could see. The boy had to squint in the darkness to see the open rose of Ricky's rectum and the thick hardness of his brother's cock. Paul spat into his hand and lubed up Ricky's ass, then slowly slid his cock head into the soft pink aperture. "Aw, God!" cried Ricky. "Aw, yeah ... oh, feels great ... yes, keep going." Paul slid his cock all the way in to the hilt. His ball sack bumped up against Ricky's. "Gonna fuck you now," he breathed. The two boys started their coupling, each pushing against the other. The only sounds were muted sighs of pleasure and the quiet rasping of flesh against flesh. Every few minutes, Paul's cock would pop out and he would have to reinsert it to the sound of Ricky's grateful moaning. 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Then he was spurting, spurting, spurting into Ricky, running his nails down Ricky's back as he filled his friend with another load of hot cum. "Ahhhhhhh," both boys sighed as they collapsed into a sweaty, fragrant heap. "Mmmm ... that was the best," Ricky decided, turning around a bit and kissing Paul's cheek. "I can feel it inside of me." Paul kissed his friend on the lips. "Oh man, I'm so tired now." "I've gotta go to the bathroom," Ricky said, untangling himself from the slick embrace and standing up. "Be right back." Jerry sat next to Paul on the couch. "Can we do that?" "No, I'm too tired, Jer." "Tomorrow?" "Maybe. Put your underwear back on and get into your sleeping bag." The brothers re-dressed themselves and crawled into their bags while they waited for Ricky. Ricky crept down the hall to the bathroom. I should have put my underwear on before I went down here, he thought. He tiptoed past the bedroom of Paul and Jerry's mom and slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door and locking it. He sat on the toilet and tried to relax his rectal muscles so he could relieve the pressure created by Paul's sperm. Soon he was able to empty himself. He wiped, stood up, flushed, and washed his hands. Then he shut off the light and opened the bathroom door. The hallway was still dark, but now Ricky couldn't see anything because his night vision had been zapped by the bathroom light. He moved down the hall, feeling his way with his hands. The sound of the toilet flushing had awakened Ann. She sat up and glanced at the clock. Two am! Mentally preparing her lecture, she peered out into the hall through her half-open door. The bathroom door opened. She was tempted to get out of bed and lecture whoever it was, probably Paul, when she noticed in the dimness that it was Ricky, and he was completely naked. What were those boys doing? she wondered. And with Jerry down there too?? Ann resolved to find out in the morning. Ricky crept back to the living room, put his underwear back on, and climbed in his sleeping bag. Soon, all three boys were sound asleep. On Saturday morning, Jerry was up at 8 am to watch cartoons, which woke up the older boys. Grumbling, the two took their sleeping bags into Paul's room and slept until 11. Ann fixed lunch for all three boys and then the three went outside before Ann had a chance to take Jerry aside and ask him what had been going on the previous evening. The boys went out to the woods at the edge of the subdivision and headed for Paul and Ricky's secret spot. They explained to Jerry that this was a private place and that he should never take anybody there or tell them about it, and Jerry agreed to keep it a secret. Once they arrived, Ricky announced that he was already hard and opened his pants to prove it. Jerry and Paul quickly followed Ricky's example, and soon all three boys were naked out in the woods. "What do you wanna do?" asked Ricky. "You said you would put your thing in me today," Jerry reminded Paul. "OK, we can do that. Come over here and get down like Ricky was." Jerry got down on all fours in front of his older brother, who knelt down behind him. Paul spit on his finger and rubbed the saliva on his brother's peach-colored little hole, then eased his finger inside to the first knuckle.